Blackfin Measurement Box

bart overviewETOMIC infrastructure enables high precision active network measurements between nodes installed at various European academic institutes connected to the Internet. Measurement nodes are equipped with expensive network cards and are globally synchronized, which makes it possible to achieve sub-microsecond temporal accuracy.

One of our obvious goals is to cover a wider range of the Internet so that larger scale network measurements become viable. Installing the former version of a measurement node costs considerably a lot. Therefore, we investigated a new platform solution. An embedded processor based measurement box has been designed, which posesses most of the pros of a former measurement node, for a conviniently smaller price.

Main features of the new platform:

  • Driven by Blackfin embedded processor,
  • Operating real-time Linux system,
  • Globally synchronized with a GPS device (optional),
  • Low installation cost,
  • Low power consumption,
  • No noise emission,
  • Tiny chassis (~6cm x 22cm x 23cm),
  • Optional modules can be designed and plugged in for a wide range of experiments of other sorts (Eg. temperature, wind velocity, voltage monitors).

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