The ETOMIC infrastructures

Originally, ETOMIC was a subproject of the EVERGROW Integrated Project in the EU Information Society Technologies, Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme. In this subproject we build a measurement infrastructure called ETOMIC Testbed in Europe that is able to carry out high temporal resolution (~10 nano second), globally synchronized, active measurements between the measurement boxes. It provides us a high resolution, spatially extended dynamic picture of fast changes in the network traffic. This can open up the possibility to new kind of network tomography, where cross correlation between measurement flows can be measured on a fine timescale and the internal state of the network, far away from the ends of the network, where the measurement devices are located, can be reconstructed and its time behavior can be studied, and the data can be analyzed with methods developed in the complexity science literature. However, by now ETOMIC has become an umbrella of various Future Internet infrastrucutres, tools and services.

ETOMIC Testbed

ETOMIC is a measurement infrastructure that was built by our research group in international collaboration. This infrastructure is an unique active probing system, in which globally time synchronized computers can send and receive IP packets and measure the time difference between consecitive packets in the time resolution of 100 nanosec.

Budapest node of FIWARE Lab/XIFI

In 2014, the ETOMIC team of Wigner RCP has joined the EU FP7 XIFI consortia that provides cloud and additional Future Internet capabilities to SMEs, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders within FI-PPP. XIFI establishes a unique marketplace for for innovative European players through the creation of a sustainable pan-European open federation of test infrastructures to overcome the current fragmentation and enable widespread and replicable commercial launch of FI services and applications. Currently the XIFI infrastructure federation comprises 18 nodes and as such it can cope with large trial deployments and can serve the various needs of a broad set of FI users and experimenters. The interconnection of the infrastructures is supported by the national research networks (NRENs) and the pan-European GEANT facility. The ETOMIC team is operating the Budapest node of FIWARE Lab and XIFI.

More details about XIFI can be read on its official web site or you can join us as a user in the FIWARE Lab portal.


SONoMA (Service Oriented Network Measurement Architecture) is a Web Service based network measurement platform. Its objective is to decrease required time and effort for performing experiments. It provides its functionality via SOAP XML web services and support the most common network measurement types. You can read more about these topics on the official page of SONoMA.


Internet tomography techniques work by setting up servers with precisely synchronized clocks all around the world to measure ping delay times and determine the structure and dynamics of the multiply connected Internet network. These experiments require coordination of hundreds of computers, billions of measurements and software capable of gathering and analyzing measurement data. The high number of these micro-experiments makes Internet tomography a particularly interesting big data science.

The Network Measurement Virtual Observatory (nmVO), an integrated system built around a relational database system, custom web services and various open software developed primarily for other scientific fields. Its aim is to serve collaborating reasearch groups sharing their measurement results through standardized archives. The tight integration of the data acquisition process with data analysis and the final data products makes it possible to perform historic and real-time observations of the Internet using simple database queries. You can read more information about its capabilities on the official page of nmVO.

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